The Right Direction…

I unravel my Saturday night in deep though, I am drawn to see that were I am couldn’t   find tomorrow if it were not for the people God continues to bring into my life. How could I find strength to make my next move.  He has designed my steps with perfect direction to walk the path he chose for me.  I have come to  realizes  that which is good and healthy for me is actually from GOD.

 The battle: We battle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual warfare This is pretty much summed up in to words,GOOD and BAD. These bad dark clouds like to block out are sunshine and cripple are spirits, weighing us down to make us counter productive. Thoughts become twisted and are hearts troubled with fear and anxiety.

 Faint not:  we must move forward! Once God gives you a warning sign in your head lights. You must stop and yield to the right direction he wants you to fallow.

Yes, easier said then done! LOL

I myself fail to do this quite often. In fact, I fail every day. However, we must not be hard on or selves we are merely human. We must shake the dust from our feet and move on. Press toward the high calling of Christ in the actions of out own lives.

Power In Prayers…


It’s been a week since my first blog, about success with sobriety. This freedom is sweet; the absences of the enemy is a new beginning. Last night, before I went to sleep, I prayed really focusing my attention to God giving him more than just popcorn request as usual. I feel that when I pray with focus I challenge my mind, body and soul to find a daily renewal of hope. The next morning when I woke up, I was completely filled with peace. Yes, I was tired and had to deal with life on life’s terms. However, I got to do deal with them terms in peace. Upon realizing I was in the hand of the creator. I took a shower brushed my teeth got dressed and took a breath of gratitude. I stepped out over the threshold into the concrete jungle Newport News VA, knowing that it was going to be a good day, knowing I was safe in the hands of the maker. I’m finding there is something in the power of faith, theirs power in the prayers. I’m not religious haha I swear ~ nether was Jesus… Everything great he did was threw his connection with the father. I say that to say this~ GET CONNECTED!!!!! SAY YOUR PRAYERS.

Freedoms is yours..

Three years of sorority for me is a huge accomplishment. To taste, touch, and feel all on my own with out any kind of substance to get in the the way is thrilling. To know I’m the front seat driver of my car in  total control of how I act and what I say. I mean for crying out loud I made a “Word Press”  account today. Well lets say I was inspired by this young single and beautiful mother. I read her blog about single mothers and how they got it tough. Thinking about them single moms totally changes my perspective of how easy I got it as a young man with no children-Freedom!

However, I want to share this freedom. The man in me desires badly to someday take up the knightly shining armor and rescue a beloved from her dreadful tower. Lets just say I have been in training for some time; preparing for manhood. To all the young men or old men who might be struggling with addiction whether it be to drugs, alcohol, pornography,   gambling or whatever it my be.You can decide to overcome these strongholds the choice is yours freedom is now! You do not have to continue living in the shadows trust me. But you must make the decision for your self nobody can make it for you. You must replace all the bad habits with good new ones. Seek GOD and ask for deliverance, wisdom and grace. A man plants the seed and waters the plants- GOD gives the increase. You have not because you ask not and this blog is not about religion it is about freedom-freedom is yours..